1800 shutters 1800 7488 8377

1800 shutters 1800 7488 8377

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40% Roller Shutters and 30% off the rest of our range
Call us now – offer ends this weekend!

40% Off Roller Shutters and
30% Off the rest of our range

Call us now – offer ends this weekend!

Founded in 2007 by Peter Keane, Blind ‘n Good Shutters prides itself on old fashioned family values, Honesty, Integrity and Value for Money. When we look at products to sell into the marketplace they must past a simple test, inhouse we call it The Peter Test – “I will not sell something that I would not be proud to have installed on my own mother’s house.”

Blind ‘n Good Shutters has been serving satisfied clients for 10 years. The number of return and referral customers have seen us build ourselves a reputable and successful company, helping our clients improve their home with quality products at affordable prices.

Why not take a look at our list of satisfied clients and see for yourself?

Operating from our mobile showrooms in Sydney, Newcastle or The Central Coast you will see first-hand how our products look and feel, as well as experience our bespoke customer service. It’s also a great opportunity to discuss and get some advice on what particular materials and styles are suitable for the application you are planning on using it for.

Our experienced, trained and fully qualified staff are only too happy to come out and walk you through a free, no-obligation quote to help you make the right choice. Our staff are more than capable of explaining the differences in both the functional and design aspects of all our different products and assist you in choosing the best looking and functionally suitable solution for your needs.

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